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Beat the Trend: Chokers

Chokers are obvi everything right now, but there are only a few people that can pass the TTH test.  There are a couple types of chokers that you should own.  And don't even think that the 'Tattoo Choker' is one of them.  If you are wondering what a 'Tattoo Choker is', it's simply basic af. We also are really hoping that you aren't one of those people who uses shoe-laces as a choker, please stop that movement, like A$AP Rocky.  
The Classic
You need at least one classic choker in your collection for those plain Mary-Jane days.  
The Velvet
Velvet is a texture that you always need in your closet.  The velvet trend is always bound to come back at least once a year.  
The Denim
Thanks Kim K for inspiring the choker-obsessed.  The denim choker can either be made or bought, do what you want with that advice. Oh and this also comes in Black Denim aka your chance to be different af.  
The Sparkle
OK so this choker is a little more pricey than most chokers -- it's $68.00.  It also looks extra-sparkly on Snapchat.
SOOOOO, you can listen to us OR Taylor Swift's mom, but the choice is way too obvi. 

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