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Meet Betches Clique: Lana Scolaro

SO, our Betches Clique member, Lana, is known as a 'Rich Kid Of Instagram', along with her sister, Stephy Scolaro -- aka they are basically the 2017 version of Paris and Nicky Hilton.  After being born in London, she made Monaco her stomping ground.  Lately she's been killing it on the streets of NYC, London, St. Barth and beyond.  She’s so f*cking fab that she has her own jewelry line called Lana Scolaro Diamonds   

You can almost always catch Lana wearing A-list designers with some street-style spin.  The tags in her closet are most likely from Barney’s, Bergdorf's, Selfridges, and Harrods.  So fetch.  She's officially living every betch's paparazzi goals as she was just freggin' featured on the Daily Mail while traveling in Saint Barth.  
No matter where we go, Betches are always the life of the party.  Lana loves going to Hyde Sunset in LA, but she’ll probably always end up at 1OAK in NYC or LA.  As much as Betches love to party, we eat pretty shit for the insta.  Besides the food and ambience at the Nice Guy in LA, there's also a good photo opportunity.  

Exhibit A:

For some more style inspo, follow her on the gram at @LanaScolaro K, bye.


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