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Guide To Eating For The Insta

Shop Betches @ 2016-11-28 12:31:27 -0500

Betches Guide: Eating For The Insta

Betches don’t always eat, but when we do, we do it for the Insta.  Instead of you spontaneously taking Insta pics, we’re telling you exactly where you need to go.  These are guaranteed at least 100 likes, if you aren’t a loser.

Balthazar - 80 Spring St, NYC.  So this place has rainbow lattes, enough said.   Easily a 100 likes right there.

Chomp Eatery - 1612 Santa Monica Boulevard, Cali.  They are also on this oddly awesome rainbow food trend!  YASSS, they have rainbow grilled cheese.  Make your main betch take a pic as you tear apart the sandwich, showing off that rainbow cheese.  

Bodega Negra - 356 West 16th Street, NYC.  Make sure to order the Don Huevo, it makes for a bomb boomerang on Insta.  It’s also super convenient that the hottest night clubs are within a 1 minute walking distance.

The Cupcake Market - 74 E 7th, NYC. Pretty self-explanatory, but they have celebrity cookies.  For example, you could basically eat a whole celebrity feud.

Amorino USA -  Will you accept this rose ice cream? UM, f*cking duh.  

10 Below - 132 Allen, NYC.  Definitely could be used as a snapchat exclusive.   

Redeye Grill - 890 7th Ave. NYC.  Please tell me all the details of your juice cleanse while I eat this sushi burger.  They also have a lounge, so ya can get figgity fucked up before, middle, and after.