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Meet The Betches Clique: Kay Brown

Shop Betches @ 2016-11-28 13:02:02 -0500
Kay is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been following Betches since 2011!!! Since she's been a loyal Betch since day one, we had to make her a Clique Member.  She always reps Shop Betches on the streets of NYC, music festivals, or even on The Late Show.
BUT real talk, she drinks beer and vodka shots….only.  Kay is a chronic binge-texter, which is like, yeah same. She’s a firm believer in being drunk enough for pizza, BUT if you aren’t the type to eat the crust, she thinks you’re weak af and natural selection is coming for you.  
She’s admittedly a Bumble Betch, you can find her swiping left or right in her spare time.  During the summer you can find her day drinking at a rooftop pool like the rest of us, and in the winter you she'll be hiding under 50 pounds of blankets.  Because who tf wants to be outside right now?  

Obessed With:  

Graphic T’s like Shop Betches, topped with platform sneakers and a snapback.  

BUT Hates:

Matte lipsticks and patterned leggings!  

You can follow her on IG and Twitter @KayYorkCity and on Snapchat: ihartkb