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Meet The Clique: Stephy Scolaro

Shop Betches @ 2017-02-14 11:49:49 -0500

We've already introduced you to Lana Scolaro, but as betchiness runs in the family, her older sister, Stephy, is a Betches Clique member as well.  We love Stephy's IDFWU style, her 24/7 flawless hair, and obviously how she reps Shop Betches so well.

Stephy is a 25-year-old Londoner trying to make a name for herself in the fashion world. We all know that isn't easy, so major props to her for being a boss betch and going for it.  We asked Stephy the hard-hitting questions, here's a glimpse into the life of this Rich Kid Of Instagram.

Stephy expressing her political beliefs in our  I Just Believe In Parties Tee

You're in need of some retail therapy.  Where do you go?

I would probably shop for t-shirts at Shop Betches because its one of my favourite t-shirt brands and if I'm looking for shoes or bags I would go to Harrods! My fave department store in London :) 

What's your ideal girl's night out?

Pre drinks at my place, dinner and then a fun nightclub! 

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I am obsessed with Chicken Katsu from Wagamama and Sushi! 

Your go-to drink?

Obviously a spicy margarita.

If I were trying to run into you on a typical Saturday night I would look for you at...

You would probably run into me at Chiltern Firehouse! I love that place! 

What's your favorite place to jet off to for a long weekend?

I would say Ibiza during the summer because you can never be bored there! 

If you could spend a day with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Keanu Reeves- He is just so sexy! 

Who would you most closely compare your closet to?

Hmmmm.... I have my own unique style really. ;) 

Stephy in our Balmean Sweater