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Our Rolled Tees Are Lit AF!!

Shop Betches @ 2017-02-07 12:21:06 -0500

Listen up betches! Our rolled tees are here and they are hotter than ever. I apologize to all you crop top lovers… your time has unfortunately come and passed. But fear not. Making the transition to rolled tees from crop tops is so mf simple it hurts. To achieve the most casual, yet adorable look for class, a daytime date, or Bachelor night (read our recap of last night’s episode here) take a look at these four rolled tees.


Look 1: Wearing your Wink  rolled tee without a jacket is such a move. Because the sleeves are rolled-- hence the name-- they are so flattering for your arms. Skinny arm on fleek! The extra fold on the sleeve hits you where it matters most, just OVER that little flab of fat that you can never work off. Sigh. Knot this top and wear with a high waisted skirt or shorts. Add a fun pair of ankle booties if you want to kick your look up a notch.


Look 2: If it’s chilly out, wear this Live, Laugh, Leave Me Alone  tee with a jean jacket and (if you’re feeling bold AF) a pair of jeans. Just make sure that the jacket and jeans are different; pattern, color, texture, etc. Loosely tuck the top in to cover your post Super Bowl bloat, add a choker and toss your hair up in a high pony to ensure that nobody fucks with you.


Look 3: Don’t be afraid to wear black on black on black. As long as you’re tossing in different textures, patterns, graphics (eh hem, Nap Queen ) you’re good. In case you forgot, wearing all black makes you look slim, strong and most importantly betchy. To literally slay the Nap Queen look all you need is a pair of black shorts or pants, a badass leather jacket and chic slides or sneaks.

 Look 4 : This tee says it all. Everyone has a day where they are downright Batshit Lazy -- it’s called Sunday. This look is the easiest to achieve. Wear the top untucked with jeans or leggings and a fab pair of espadrilles. Carry your shit in a matching black and white clutch and call it a day. Bless up!

Four easy looks for four different moods… how bout dat??