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TTH Radar: Bella Thorne

Not once, but twice, Bella Thorne has been on our radar -- and no, it's not because of her ridiculous rainbow hair!!!!!  She's actually been spotted in Shop Betches' finest.  We are still on edge when it comes to declaring her as TTH (See her social media platforms) but we must say, we are dyyyyying over her ripped stomach, which she shows off like its her job -- I mean, it kind of is?  

Anyways, last year she showed off our Over It Girl Sweater on her Instagram, and we thank you Bella Thorne for pairing it with the shoe game slayer, Stuart Weitzman.  

Now, recently, she was spotted with her stupid hair, BUT made it all better by wearing our best-selling Black Cards Only Sweater.  K, now we can all agree that you and your green Amex card can go fck yourselves.  

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