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The Betch Guide: How To Wear Active Shit

Shop Betches @ 2016-11-28 13:59:28 -0500

Whether or not we made working out our New Year's resolution, we are basically going to wear workout clothes everywhere and it’s totally okay. Tbh, rocking chic workout clothes is the secret to looking like you have it all together in 2017, even though you are actually just hungover AF and cancelled your Soulcycle reservation.  Thanks to us, here is some inspo to perfect the whole active wear - street style.  

Step 1: Style Shop Betches

Hopefully you are already aware of our tees that represent your workout regime, like Barre So Hard, You Can't Spin With Us, or Cardio Sports Bra.  It’s a total given that they must be paired with trendy or just plain black leggings.  Check out Emily Hsu Designs or Lilybod if you want to try something that isn’t Lululemon.  

Step 2: Stay Hydrated OR Caffeinated 

Life Hack: When you order from Shop Betches, you get betchy stickers, aka win-win.  Be innovative af and put them on a hydro flask OR even better a thermos like our clique member, @KayYorkCity did.  

Step 3:  The Hat

Once again, Betches has you covered.  If you are a West Coast Betch, you have to rock our Bad Betch, Not A Morning Person, or I Made That Betch Famous snapbacks.  OR if you’re a East Coast Betch, you need to check out our Lashes, Born Annoyed, Upside Down Smiley Face beanies like, yesterday. They look auuhmazeballs with active wear and a long, long jacket.  

May the workout not be in your favor