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The Sag Awards: The Fugliest of the Fugliest

Shop Betches @ 2017-02-01 15:14:30 -0500

911-- Fashion Police, my eyes have basically been personally victimized by Nicole Kidman's outfit!  This year at the Sag Awards, many outfits were just straight-up weird af.  There was deff a bird theme going on when it came to outfits this weekend.  And well, this is what you came for--the lowest blow of the Red Carpet aka the (only) v important part of an awards show. 

Nicole Kidman

I already mentioned how Nicole Kidman's tragic outfit really made me feel, but now that I found out her dress is ALSO Gucci, I am officially livid! Nicole Kidman, how dare you make me this fucking livid. I really hope that the talking parrot lookin' things on her shoulders were added and not made by Gucci.  If that's the case, then all is forgiven Gucci.  

Amy Landecker

First of all, when it comes to woman-suits, you must have it completely tailored to your fit.  There is just so much NO in this outfit.  The shoes makes me want to call 911 for a barf bag.   This Amy Landecker chic must be an all-around awkward person and it's starting to make me uncomfortable so I'm really over talking about this Nobody.

Annalise Basso

Never heard of this chic either, and I don't really ever want to after this bird inspired dress.  She looks like she's going to do some kind of weird African voodoo with this dress. 

Salma Hayack

Ok so I may have to seriously boycott Gucci after looking at another disaster of the night.  Salma Hayack usually never makes any best list, so it's obvi where her place is.  She looks the most normal out of our Fugly list, which still is not something to be proud of.