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Coat Guide: The Winter Saga Continues & Betches Stay Warm AF

Shop Betches @ 2016-12-21 15:28:24 -0500

As this cold saga continues, betches need to stay warm AF.  Winter can be such a low blow to your wardrobe, but it's v important to invest in a fur coat.  As a pro-shopper, we really know how to fix your this issue.  From PETA-approved to real fur, we've got it all down like Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.   

Damiani NY

Damiani NY always knows how to cater to the many personalities of a betch.  This parka's chic af, and the tailored fit compliments your shape as opposed to the marshmallow kind.  If you are contemplating being a good person, they have faux-fur options, too.  Betches like having things that others can't have and Damiani NY does just that with a customization option.  

Silence + Noise Aviator Jacket

This aviator jacket from Urban Outfitters is perfect for this winter, espeshhh on days that are too hot for a really warm coat.  And it has a hood vibe.  

Vince Camuto Faux-Fur Walker

If you agree, you think you're really pretty.... and tall, this ones for you.  Vince Camuto killed it with this elegant faux-fur coat, as the collared fur will keep your neck v warm.   

Lafayette 148:  Maureen Topper

This two-tone coat is perfect when it's not negative degrees.  And TBH, Betches love shearling almost as much as we love the Bachelor.

Stay Warm, Betches!