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What To Wear with Graphic Tees To Make Them Trendy AF

Many people think that if you are wearing a graphic tee, you are dressed down.  You can totally dress up a graphic tee, but you just need to know how.  With our key items, your graphic tee is on a whole new level.  
Jackets are v important when it comes to styling a graphic tee.  Fur and leather are also key factors when considering a jacket.   As long as it's a statement piece, you'll be trendy AF.  
Chic AF Bottoms
When it comes to bottoms, be adventurous, especially if you aren't wearing a statement jacket.  Your go-to should vary from denim jumpsuits to skirts.  Obvi, you can style with leggings, but that is simple af.  If you are going for the legging look, stick to leather.  
Boots & Booties
If you are feeling extra risky, order ShopBetches in a large so you can basically wear it as a dress.  The T-Shirt-Dress look can be mastered with over-the-knee boots.  If you aren't a risky betch, you can always wear the over-the-knee boots with the graphic tee and leggings/shorts.  

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