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WTF It's Winter! The Not So Fulgy Winter Shoe Guide

Winter is such a drag, but your shoes must always be on point, no matter the season.  A key thing to look out for when shopping for a winter shoe collection is that the shoe has some type of grip or wide heel.  Yeah, Rihanna can walk on grates in heels, but so can a betch with this shoe guide, obvi.
Over The Knee Boots
Over the Knee boots can basically pass as pants too.  No pants, no prob.
The Red Lace
Just Fab Dashiell Boot
 A Red, Lace-up boot never made a band T-shirt (dress) look so good.  Just make sure you are at least tipsy and throw on a fur coat--- that should help keep you warm af.
The Chunky Heel
Thanks to Alexander Wang and his #WANGSQUAD, we are so into the gothic heel trend. BUT we winter-fied this trend.  
The Classic
With a classic high-heel boot that also comes in black, you can easily pair it with errrrythang.  They also have a grip so you won’t
be slippin’ and slidin’, which is not a RiRi move.
Happy Shopping Betches! 

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