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  • Red Flag or Deal Breaker Card Game

Red Flag or Deal Breaker Card Game

$ 20

The rules are simple. If the statement on the card is weird AF but you can deal with it, it's a red flag. If it's so terrible that you need to exit this relationship immediately, it's a deal breaker.  Whether you're having a girls' night in or need a game to liven up your summer share house, these cards are the perfect way to figure out just how low your group's dating standards are.

picky prude GIF

What makes something a red flag versus a deal breaker in the world we currently live in? Subscribe to the  U Up? Podcast to hear our Cofounder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid's take on modern dating issues ranging from apps to hook ups to relationships. Oh, and DON'T respond to that 2am text. 

  • Deck of 52 cards
  • Plastic card holder
  • Standard 3.5 inch cards
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